Father’s Day 2017: 3 Dad Tribes every brand should know about


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As ideas of masculinity and work-life balance continue to shift, so too do notions of fatherhood. It’s out with tired stereotypes and in with tag-team parenting and shared household duties.

It’s perhaps no surprise then that Father’s Day (June 21st) continues to grow in popularity. In just two years, the number of consumers buying gifts for this occasion rose from 18% to 47%, generating £360m in sales (Source: Mintel).

But if brands and retailers are to seize the opportunities of this seasonal spike, they need to start providing products and experiences for modern dads. Goodbye socks, hello variety. Here we look at 3 key dad tribes and what packs the highest gift-appeal.



The antithesis to helicopter parenting (which most of them grew up with), fathers who are ‘Dadding It’ take a relaxed approach to parenting, encouraging self-reliance and independence in their children. They reject the groomed perfection of Instagram superdads, opting instead for a more grounded and unfiltered style of parenting.  This Dad tribe loves nothing more than quality family time, so brands looking to connect need to focus on offering experiences over products.

Father of Daughters, Dadding it
Source: @/father_of_daughters



Foodie Fathers

These Dads are part of a growing number of men who take on a leading role in the kitchen. With the rise of celebrity chefs and a more fluid understanding of gender roles, being a foodie (and domestic masterchef!) is open to all. This Dad tribe sees putting delicious food on the table as a distinctly masculine quality so brands can connect through ‘man’s-man’ foodie gifts, accessories and experiences.

Dad Beets, Foodie Fathers
Source: @dad_beets



Creative Dads

Art directors, photographers and artists – these dads share beautifully curated, visually arresting snaps of family life online. This Dad tribe puts as much care and effort into family instagrams as they do to their jobs, so brands need to focus on premium gifts with Instagram-ready packaging to capture the hearts and minds of this audience.

The Daddy Fashion Stylist, Creative Dads
Source: @thedaddyfashionstylist


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