Father’s Day 2017: 3 Dad Tribes every brand should know about

As ideas of masculinity and work-life balance continue to shift, so too do notions of fatherhood. It’s out with tired stereotypes and in with tag-team parenting and shared household duties.

If brands and retailers are to seize the opportunities of this seasonal spike, they need to start providing products and experiences for modern dads. Goodbye socks, hello variety. Here we look at 3 key dad tribes and what packs the highest gift-appeal.

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The Rebranding Revolution (3 tips for success)

Some of the world’s biggest companies underwent a rebrand last year in response to an increasingly uncertain political and economic backdrop and ever-demanding consumers.

Going into 2017, the Rebranding Revolution shows no signs of slowing down, with brands finding themselves questioning how to best communicate, how to act – and more importantly, what to stand for.

Bold rebranding is a high-risk, but certainly high-reward strategy for brands looking to get – and stay – ahead. Here we look at what we can learn from the best rebrands of 2016.

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